Gulf Coast Dreams

Nashua was standing by the sea when the revelation came: her body was 80% water. Even her thoughts were liquid. She wouldn’t fit anywhere on the Gulf Coast—not in the Bahamas, not in Mexico, not in Cuba, not even here, in South Florida. The world was too solid. She belonged in el mar, among the seacows and fish schools. She would become part of the sea, the strands of her hair turning algae, her skin changing into what the jelly fish were made of. And divers would look in amazement at her toenails among the corals.


M.J. FIEVRE’s short stories and poems have appeared in P’an Ku, The Mom Egg, and Healthy Stories; they are forthcoming in Writer’s Digest, Caribbean Writer, Pocket Smut, and 365 Days of Flash Fiction. Some of her stories are available online on A Golden Place, Sexology, Writing Raw, and the Survivor Chronicles. She a regular contributor to The Nervous Breakdown and a contributing editor for Vis.A.Vis Magazine. She is the founding editor of Sliver of Stone Magazine.

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