CALL IT ACCIDENT by Monique Wentzel

Call It Accident

Call it midnight thump and boom.
Gumbo lockdown.

Call up gush;
swirl and spread.

Forward moving call it stalled.
Call a party, crown petroleum queen.

On call the creeping,
race for land.

Call it caught


in a starless sea.

Long-billed or swell-bellied, sway in the bilge.
Call it quits—trolled, talked-down.

Roll call: Plover, Egret, Tern.
Shrimp estuaries and pelican rookeries.

Songbirds who “I used to come here from America.”
Call it marshes packed in greed.


Monique Wentzel lives in Portland, Oregon where she is pursuing an MFA in fiction writing. This is her first published poem.

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