Living Watershed Poets-in-Residence

Poets for Living Waters is launching a Living Watershed Poets-in-Residence initiative. Poets will be working in collaboration with Poets for Living Waters and their local Waterkeepers, approaching their watershed biomes with the imperative, as put by preeminent biologist E.O. Wilson, “Colonize science.”


The purpose of the Living Watershed Poets-in-Residence initiative will include the following outcomes:

  • Enable serious writings that index human encounters with living watersheds
  • Balance empiricism with imagination, detachment with attachment, science with conscience
  • Inspire what physicist Jane Bennett calls “ethical generosity”
  • Contribute to education and conservation efforts
  • Thrum generosity across the network

We are soliciting poets for this new initiative; however, if you would like to be considered as a Living Watershed Poet-in-Residence, please write to us at In your letter, elaborate on ideas you have to colonize science in your watershed. Be specific. Dream. Dare. Branch out. Be oceanic…

The work of the Living Watershed Poets-in-Residence will be featured on the Poets for Living Waters site.