Big Blank Page for Marine Life


The rule book says not to care if they live or die.

If a woman screams the word dizzy loud enough her mind-well disengages.

If a man believes he is God then he is the founder of organized crime.

Religion is a jellyfish sting in the eye.

Only a prophet can count the ways to kill the earth.

Setting fire to a bush is the same as going rogue.

A forefather once said the easiest thing about life is dying.

If a man runs the rat race on Easy Street it’s a trap.

A black man, Chinese man, and John McCain go into a bar.

What he doesn’t say is the answer.

The beloved disciple’s lucky number is 13.

Seven miracles a day keep the oil from reaching.

The bottom of the ocean is still.

Anatomically, women need more hands.

Clapping may cause men to go blind.

5% of nail beds are made of fungi.

Swimming is a magic trick.


Qiana Towns earned a MFA from Bowling Green State University a MA from Central Michigan University where she served as poetry editor for the online literary journal Temenos. She is a Cave Canem fellow and Assistant Editor for Willow Books and Reverie: Midwest African American Literature. Her work has appeared in Tidal Basin, Milk Money, and All Rights Reserved.

8 thoughts on “BIG BLANK PAGE FOR MARINE LIFE by Qiana Towns

  1. Posted on Twitter by Laura Hartmark ‏@lhdwriter :
    Reading cool, slow Pawanunling silentscapes in the poetry of Qiana Towns… Google is your friend, Friend, & these poems are some songs…

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