DROWNING POEM by Peter Ciccariello

“Drowning poem” was previously published by Rattle on December 2nd, 2008.



Spill, containment, spew, divert, plume, oil slick. Are these the words that describe this catastrophic event?  Who controls language?  Who is writing this apocalypse?


Peter Ciccariello works at the intersection of image and word and is fascinated by the space between the two. He writes and creates in digital 3-D environments using real-world photography, digitized and found text, and pieces of avatars. He lives far enough away from the Gulf of Mexico not to smell the oil, but he cannot help but smell it anyway.

3 thoughts on “DROWNING POEM by Peter Ciccariello

    • Peter, though the art of words never fails us, talking has become the opiate of our society. When we drive cars and buy food that isn’t produced locally, we are all writing this apocalypse.

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