THE HAND THAT SLANTS by Patrick Durgin


the hand that slants
the sea
slants tandems
to hand
planned here adjacent
to light

in planned tandems
light to
light in planes
it planned
the hand adjacent
that hand

the light hand
slants it

–Patrick Durgin


Patrick Durgin’s most recent publications include the chapbook of poetry (Imitation Poems) from which “The Hand That Slants” is culled, as well as The Route, a collaborative hybrid-genre book written with Jen Hofer and commissioned by Atelos, and contributions to Aufgabe, Jacket, Prairie Schooner, P-Queue, Treasure Beach Socialist Annual and WIG. He edited the selected works of Hannah Weiner (Hannah Weiner’s Open House) for Kenning Editions <>, as well as Weiner’s Early and Clairvoyant Journals for the UC San Diego Mandeville Library’s Archive of New Poetry (available from Weiner’s author page at <>). Very shortly forthcoming is an essay on the work of Lyn Hejinian in the special issue of Aerial devoted to her work. He teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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