TWO POEMS by Stacy G. Ericson


A skin boat
Rises on the breast
Of an unswum sea
Borne on frozen waves
Yet liquid, into
The quick mercy of the tide.
In a skin boat
He rides the breathing waters,
Swallowed by
The dusk, on a
Cold and golden sea
Where only heat is human.
In a skin boat,
He finds the homeward lights
Upon a sentient
Shadow rising,
To spill her phosphorescent sigh.
Which of us does not thus ride,
Suffering the cold,
Upon a dark tide
In a skin boat.


Siphonophorae (jellyfish)

a serrated wind
carves the bay
somewhere far north
of these living waters
where ice fleeting
sheeting silver
forms her running halo
back and down
narrow, wild, and old
the Grey-eyed Daughter
on this bay
her jewels
stud the sand
in an all-pearl place
shocking rose, lace,
hyacinth curls, gellid
glass of frost
all lost
where stone pallid
crystal trails
her veil runs north
across the strand



All art is related to human experience; all human experience is related to our environment. As the world changes, as we change it–so also does our most basic understanding and conceptualization of poetics and of imagery also change. I If we are passionate about cultivating and preserving the varieties of this earthly home, recognizing the traditions, languages, and skills from our common past as we develop new ways of being, then life itself becomes more precious. The sensual varieties of human experience on this sea-bound island in an ocean of stars is the very basis of all art.


Stacy G. Ericson — Technical editor for Arctic Anthropology, photographer and owner of Contrejour Portraiture. After a long hiatus I have returned to structured poetry and unstructured photography — old loves that feed each other with new wine.

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