Requiem for a CEO by Jenne Andrews

Requiem for a CEO

“And darkness covered the earth…”

You sir, should take off your clothes
and walk into the red and viscous sea
of your making.
Take with you the smothering pelicans
other dying birds.

Relieve them of the travesty
of all attempts to breathe, fly–
they cannot open their bills.
they cannot spread their wings.

You made this deadly honey
flow unstopped from the earth
you with your wallet full of cash
who wants his “life back.”

Weigh your body down
with dead pelicans
tied to your wrists, your legs.

Rid us of your staged apologies,
your face, your voice.
Give yourself to the cloying sea,
while we watch,
on live feed.


Jenne Andrews — NEA in Literature, MFA Colorado State, two chapbooks including In Pursuit of the Family, ed and published Robert Bly, Reunion, Lynx House/Eastern Washington University Press.

Live and write in Fort Collins, Colorado. Blog at Loquaciously Yours. Run Poets on She Writes.

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