THREE POEMS by Rebecca Foust / Art by Lorna Stevens




Trapped in the pail
the frog slow-arced
in back flip,

two extra legs
half-folded, flapping
like unbelted

umbrellas. The radio
said that the poison
had not seeped

into the aquifer,
that the poison
not gotten as far

as Slough Pond.
It’s true that Nature

makes her mutations
and does not deem
them tragic.

Still, sleeping
I dreamed of my son,
his genes expressed

not as autism, but
two extra thumbs
on four hands,

and I now want to blame
someone; I want
to drain that pond.

–First published in Marin Poetry Center Anthology, Fall 2009.


Rebecca Foust and Lorna Stevens

Rebecca Foust’s books include All That Gorgeous, Pitiless Song (Many Mountains Moving Prize, 2010) and God, Seed, environmental poetry with art by Lorna Stevens (September 2010), endorsed by William Kittredge, William Wiley, Susan Terris, Troy Jollimore and others. Foust’s poetry won the 2007 and 2008 Robert Phillips Chapbook Prizes and appears in Hudson Review, Margie, North American Review, Spoon River Review and elsewhere.

Lorna Stevens received her MFA in Sculpture from Columbia University. She exhibits widely in galleries and public spaces. Her work has been reviewed or featured in The Boston Globe, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Marin Independent Journal and Artweek and has been acquired by the Brooklyn Museum, the New York Public Library and the di Rosa Preserve in Napa, CA. Visit her website at

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