A SURVIVOR STATE by John Lambremont, Sr.


We survived Kennedy
We survived Hilda
We survived Betsy
We survived King
We survived Johnson
We survived Camille
We survived Saigon
and we survived the Rings

We survived Agnew
We survived Nixon
We survived Kruschev
We survived disco
We survived Uncle Ho
We survived the Chairman
and we survived the Corleones

We survived the Carter years
We survived the forlorn Shah
We survived poor John-John Lennon
We survived the Mardi Gras
We survived the ayatollahs
We survived the Gipper’s claw
and we survived the Berlin Wall

We survived the stupid economy
We survived the Andrew storm
We survived the burning Bush
We survived the first Gulf War
We survived the Billaristas
We survived impeachment hearings
and we survived the viral swarms

We survived the Y2k
We survived the nine one one
We survived the big Dick Chaining
We survived the Bushes’ son
We survived the bitch Katrina
We survived her sister Rita
and we’ll survive the BP pee


John Lambremont, Sr. is a middle-aged and presently very angry poet living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. During the last nine months, John’s poems have appeared in A Hudson View (2009 Pushcart Prize nomination), Boston Literary Magazine, Foundling Review, Caper Literary Journal, Notes From The Gean, The Fib Review, Raleigh Review, Menagerie, Lilliput Review, Acreage, Clutching At Straws, Ambrosia: A Journal of Fine Haiku, Taj Mahal Review, and other publications.

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