A KIND OF SOLUTION by Dan Chelotti

A Kind of Solution

A man rips by
On a motorcycle.
I hope he falls off.
I say that. I really say that as
A guilty man on television says
The earth is a screaming
Whore that needs to be gagged.
So gag it, BP. Shut her up
With a mud shot. A junk shot.
It’s so erotic. Like light falling
Hard on the jetty, like chunks
Of charred bone dropping
From a plastic container,
I try to mean more than I can.
I try to watch men
Set fire to the ocean
Because it should be
Metaphor, but it isn’t.
There are no metaphors, just turtles.
Just turtles and the fists I make
That I didn’t know I could make.
That fall on tables like
Plastic deities with small
Plastic dictums like,
Make it stop. But it doesn’t stop.
Of course it doesn’t stop.
So don’t say the earth
Is bleeding because
The earth is not bleeding.
We are bleeding.
It is not screaming. We are screaming.
We stuff a giant
Pill into the hole and watch
Reruns until we forget
The name of our anger
And, Hey, could you pass
The chips. I wish we had dip.
Man, some dip would be great.


Dan Chelotti’s poems have recently appeared, or are forthcoming in Gulf Coast, Free Verse, Past Simple, Bateau, and in the anthology State of the Union: 50 Political Poems. A chapbook, The Eights, was published by the Poetry Society of America. He teaches writing for Elms College.

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