TWO POEMS by Myl Schulz


Enui et knowledge that those levy’s wouldn’t stay dry.  Post haste ad hoc debate gross state of alarm confusion mass harm swimming puddle thick laced power lines.  Free fall of anarchy race to dine fine cultural mass tourism trap of only could one fun for ages hurricane, the multi alcohol drink and Preservation Hall needing its own diminutive cocktail to think toot tootle blow big blues oyster snoozing po’ boys or a muffaletta, beignet, cafe o lait.  Tu peut sait.  A trolley past pecan waffle with a runny sunny side up on top  oh gastronomic feat of fete of birth place.  Mine with half visual childhood plucking lizard tails, clutching red bright craw dads to chew and feeding bacon to the ‘gators marsh side.



There’s a hole in the bucket dear fix it.  If a super camera can catch it flowing billow of ocean death.

Ratchet a superior soul jerked cajun tossed dollop of sauce over chemical comb over wish not to know your  floating blob bobbed.  rob a migratory birds plume with extra pomade.  Fishing trowel wind of carcass turtles tut tut nightly mass network news what sugar might be bad for you now.    note larger swirl of worlds ocean current whisk on the malodorous mob us

a swift exorcism beyond petroleum exigencies exit exxon and the visuals of childhood birds given dish detergent baths.  A Valdez the last of that I know better I new now what was it that you did then?  A let’s lest pocket padding dig an upended money market crashed to cushion plan well, now a change we need from when?

In a moment I forget what it is I was meant to understand and live simplified dictated by consumer demands.  A cheap lip gloss bagged and avoiding an unnecessary walk.  Balked at the bulk of a hulking mass corrosion in culpability, was it me?


Myl Schulz was born in New Orleans, LA.  She has a BA from Vassar College and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.  Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in BlazeVOX and EOAGH.

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