OIL ODE by Gary Barwin


O you who are green and time together
the golden voice beneath

the bruise blue earth
which gives back its flow and time

O iridescent fire which moves and warms us
O viscous technicolour coat of possibility

O blood of industrial earth
we commute from axon to dendrite

your petroleum-blue ichor in our veins
and in the veins of our incorporeal angel cars

O blood of gods and ferns
opalescent seed in the womb of our warm sky

you are the slow combustion of ancient times
a memory returned in the mother tongue of fire

O Oil, clothe us in your wild skin
let us surprise the naked lamb of the world with our hunger


Gary Barwin is a writer, composer, and performer. His many books and chapbooks include upcoming The Porcupinity of the Stars (Coach House).  Other forthcoming books include The Obvious Flap (with Gregory Betts; BookThug) and Kafka Franzlations: A Guide to the Imaginary Parables (with Hugh Thomas and Craig Conley; New Star). His books already include anus porcupine eyebrow (Supernova Tadpole/Paper Kite), Outside the Hat and Raising Eyebrows (Coach House) and frogments from the frag pool (with derek beaulieu; Mercury) and the 2010 bpNichol chapbook award co-winner, Inverting the Deer (serif of nottingham). He lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and can be found at serifofnottingham.blogspot.com. This sentence makes frequent stops.

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