TOLLBOOTH by Sarah Green & Leora Fridman


My dream was that a giant
would eat everything. It would all get taken
in. Compostables, retrievables, babies
of smoke. Don’t you know
from smoke? Yes, I know from earthworms
listening for galaxies. I gave up
galloping when horsepower became
so dear. I knew there was a price
to pay for intersection. Not the kind
with stop-signs, but the round-
abouts where insects curve
and peer. It was a small Magnificat,
a burning even I could understand. The objects
moving inside me were more adept
at glory. They rejoiced in the huge.
I dreamed we left
some grass pressed down
when we removed our overalls to make
more room. I dreamed the last
body wasn’t what I was expecting. Did you
leave your comb in my room? I remember
hair slicked down, a manmade island
of do-rags. You think that’s sexy, you
should see my squat. What we used to call


Leora Fridman lives in San Francisco. Her recent and forthcoming publications are included in Lumina, Sub-lit, The New Delta Review, The Rio Grande Review, Watershed, The Jerusalem Post, and others. Her chapbook “Telenovela Pregnancy Hoax” was a finalist for the 2009 Black River Chapbook Competition.


Sarah Green is a poet and singer-songwriter in Somerville, MA. Recent poems of hers appear or are forthcoming in FIELD, Cortland Review, and H-ngm-n. Her book “Signs For Come Here” was a finalist for the 2008 Walt Whitman Award.  Her poetry has won a Pushcart Prize.

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