TWO POEMS by Cara Benson




I wish I could put my poems in that hole and teach them to eat carbon. That they salve the soaked. I am not alone. I want that these words would worm into the corpse of the capitalist system that let the oil continue to spill out while its practitioners were trying worm into the pockets of the greedymotherfuckers who let the oil spill out while they were trying to find a way NOT to plug it, but still to capture profit from the situation. So fuck if I’m going to stop spewing. Them first. Yes of course I’m complicit. And it’s a sticky extrication. But the small moments I make in my little world compare not a thing! to the intentional ideology of gimme at the ceo boardmember investor lobbyist marketer spin machine grub master scale. Spiritually, they know not what they do. Materially, they’re all too efficacious.

ps I’m angry. I do believe in polyvalent spectra of affect, effect, spirit, and intellect. Today’s this.


Cara Benson is authress of a book of interconnected pre-elegiac prose poems for humans animals plants and earth called (made).

2 thoughts on “TWO POEMS by Cara Benson

  1. Cara Benson is one of the best literary poets of our time. I have had the honor to see her at work and she never fails to amaze her audience. Great job!

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