GLOBAL FUCK IT by Patrick James Dunagan


–for Jason Morris

The birds absorb us.
Jason, this arctic shit
is for real.
Look out your window,
(no kidding!) that’s
exactly what I mean.
Forbidding yet-to-be
Paradise—why don’t they call it.
A slow sculpted dream
yet have we the means…
The animals are going—
Poe’s children—
What we don’t do does.
The birds are numbered.




For words are things as words are matter.


Patrick James Dunagan has lived in San Francisco on and off for the last decade or so. His writings have appeared in: Big Bell, Blue Book, Box of Books: Vol II, Chain, Forklift, Galatea Resurrects, Jacket, Morning Train, Octopus, ON2, Otoliths, poem, home: An Anthology of Ars Poetica, pom², Puppyflowers, Try!, and Vanitas. Recent chapbooks include from Chansonniers (Blue Press, 2008), Spirit Guest & Others (Lew Gallery Editions, 2009), Easy Eden w/ Micah Ballard (PUSH, 2009) and her friends down at the french cafe had no english words for me (PUSH, 2010). “There are people who say painters shouldn’t talk”: A GUSTONBOOK (Post Apollo) will be published in 2011.

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