Former Sanctuary

It was once picturesque,
A sanctuary of foliage,
Amidst the roar of apathetic machines.
Water glistened like the eyes of a tree nymph,
Exuberantly dancing,
Evoking the might of the wave.
It’s soft whispers were almost enough,
To quell the fury of the oil rig,
A silhouette depicted against the beauty of the sky.
And so they co-existed,
As a precarious ecosystem,
Seldom breaking their silence,
Nor stepping over the line.
Until it exploded,
Like blood upon skin,
Rusty iron trickling down fragile streams,
That have yet to cease in their cataclysmic turmoil.
And yet the ecosystem is silent,
It’s screams nonexistent,
Despite the excruciating pain that plagues them.
And so I shall be the mouth,
That speaks,
The call that pleas,
For sanctuary of animals,
Upon which atrocity has wielded its sword.
So how can you let this happen,
Evaluate the enormity,
Contemplate the agony on the faceless radio,
With action seldom,
As death ensues.
How can you let this happen?
And dare not speak?
How can you stand by,
A faceless entity?


Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Pia Sen is a thirteen year old, who, having recently reached the enlightenment of becoming a teenager, has also reached the enormity of our environment. A native Texan, she has been exposed to the glory of nature’s truth, in ranches, greenbelts, and the wide expanse of unpopulated land.

4 thoughts on “FORMER SANCTUARY by Pia Sen

  1. Dear Pia,

    I am assembling a website of art capturing America’s responses to the Gulf Oil Spill for a class and I would love to feature a copy of your poem on the site. Please contact me at if you are willing to let me feature your poem on the site. Thank you!

    MLS Candidate
    Emporia State University

  2. I really like the poem by Pia entitled Former Sanctuary. I was amazed to find out she is 13 years old
    as this poem rings so true with so much maturity. Beautiful!

  3. Ms. Sen is such a wonderful wordsmith. People are always talking about how dull kids are today, thank god we have exceptions like Pia! What a great work. Here’s to many more!

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