from Things Columbus said about gold

Christopher shits bricks.
He is a fat guy
in a little coat.

He googles himself.
Plumes of oil
deep in Gulf

are spreading far.
Whoever owns it
is lord of all he wants.



In 1502, Christopher Columbus wrote, “Gold is a wonderful thing!  Whoever owns it is lord of all he wants.  With gold it is even possible to open for souls the way to paradise!”  It´s hard to imagine that a person actually really said this, and it does make me giggle a little.  But certainly, it makes me think that the folks at BP need to ask themselves why does BP exist? That isn´t a rhetorical question, and it´s for them to decide.

Still, there´s no reason to go out and boycott BP stations.  It´s very much like if someone says, I´m hungry–let´s go to MacDonald´s, and you say, there´s no way I´m going to MacDonald´s, and they say, why are you boycotting MacDonald´s? I do not like MacDonald´s–it makes me tired, and I always spend more money than I think I will, and anyway my girlfriend is a vegetarian–but me not eating at MacDonald´s is not a boycott of MacDonald´s.  It´s the same with Coca-Cola in Latin America, or soda in general.  Or driving a car to work.  I like other things better.


Originally from Nebraska, Scott Abels has an MFA from Boise State University.  His poems can be found in Lungfull!, Sixth Finch, No Tell Motel, Word for/Word, Juked, Hawai`i Review, Past Simple, Sawbuck, Shampoo, Fringe Magazine, Action Yes, and many others.  Lately, he has been alternating years living and teaching on the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico and Honolulu, Hawai`i. He has a blog at

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