Fundraising TO SAVE THE GULF–Michael Rothenberg of Big Bridge Rallies Upcoming Community Action

It is important to note that these Save The Gulf Benefits for The Louisiana
Bucket Brigade are not Big Bridge events. They are community events, created
out of collaboration with poet Katherine Hastings, founder and host of the Word
Temple Poetry Series, Geri Digiorno, former Sonoma County Poet Laureate,
Terri Carrion, poet and assistant editor of Big Bridge, and Jay Howlett of
Blah Blah Woof Woof and many others.


Petaluma at The Phoenix Theater, June 27. For more info, click here.

San Francisco at Counterpulse, July 2. For more info, click here.

Petaluma Art Auction at the Pelican Gallery, July 10. For more info, click here.

Pacifica, CA at Shelldance Orchid Gardens, August 7. More info TBA.


Big Bridge has always been vocal on political and social issues and so the time has come for us to speak out against OIL!

Many of our friends living in the Gulf Coast are seeing their lives destroyed forever. An entire ecosystem appears doomed. The impact is global.

Everyday it seems more certain that we are witnessing the worst man-made environmental holocaust in history and I feel we must be heroic in our actions to make something positive out of this horror.

Over the last few weeks, I have focused attention to my facebook communications, posting as many articles and pieces of information on the “spill” as I can, hoping that the spread of information will make a difference in how we do things. I have organized three events, fundraising benefits for The Louisiana Bucket Brigade, a non profit environmental health and justice organization tracking the impact of the BP oil spill and prevaenting the impact from being “swept under the rug.”

It is time to make a real change. Not just leave it to government to show us the way. Please, get out in the street, wave signs, write friends, spread the word, organize!! We are into a new age. Stop Oil! Stop Global Warming! Stop Corporate Ownership of the Planet! There is no time left to waste.

If you have news that you want to get around please send it to me or join me on facebook. If we are not “friends” yet, I would be happy to add you.

My sincere best in these sad and terrifying times. Hope lies in real change not in promises!


Born in Miami Beach, Florida in 1951, Michael Rothenberg has been living in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past 30 years. He is co-founder of Shelldance Orchid Gardens in Pacifica which is dedicated to the cultivation of orchids and bromeliads. He is a poet, painter, songwriter, and editor of Big Bridge Press and Big Bridge, a webzine of poetry and everything else. He is also co-editor and co-founder of JACK Magazine, a literary publication that relates to, but expands beyond, the beat generation. He has published several poetry books: What The Fish Saw (Twowindows Press, CA, 1984), Nightmare Of The Violins (Twowindows Press, CA, 1986), Man/Woman, a collaboration with Joanne Kyger (Big Bridge Press, CA, 1988), Favorite Songs (Big Bridge Press, CA, 1990), The Paris Journals (Fish Drum, Inc, 2000), Monk Daddy (Blue Press, 2003), Grown Up Cuba (IL Bagatto Press, Amsterdam 2003) and Unhurried Vision (La Alameda/University of New Mexico Press, 2003). He is also the author of the novel Punk Rockwell (Tropical Press, 2000). His new books of poems, My Youth As A Train, will be coming out in September from Foothills Publishing.

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