SPIRIT BEAR by Conrad DiDiodato

“Spirit bear” (a uniquely Canadian solution to the Gulf disaster)

I wish a Spirit bear (from the hanging tree)—
it’d tear thru the larynx,
and past otters and cold stray shields,
straight to the groves

I spidery-browed and creased at the mouth
honestly do!
From there fan out at dawn, to eye you &
pray in the wind (by Tartan degrees):

“A crow’s nest for rigs. The water’s cold jade.
Raw cindery signs
of liquid sands I’d help you find
In ’83 diamonds,

torn out, still gave their tears when dried
and amply poured”
Easy now to sort thistles, and crays floating
to shore on prickly fours,

from the blue-nosed, true and free up here!
Brown herons
now foamy and slowing in their own heat
And shrimps, and odd shells

lying like flotsam near some cool Egyptian mud
Take from here, me
not just the idea and eye and quartzite shawl
—of a sad, combative soil!—

but (again) a bear rustling, bright as maple,
and a shield slowly
lowered and that will not rust in a dying gulf
And shores there—

may they mirror pearls (of all yr absent stars)
and some appear
in one good mile of sea, at least. Looks up here
like the ol’ sermon,

a southern gospel’s typically shitty blue


Conrad DiDiodato teaches high school English in the Halton region of Ontario, Canada. He has been writing poetry for past few years with publications in World Haiku Review: The Magazine of the World Haiku Club (e-zine); LYNX: A Journal for Linking Poets (e-zine); Tower Poetry; Ancient Heart Magazine; Serengeti Press; Voices Israel 2007; and Poemata.

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