ORIFICE by Marcella Durand


Shape of takes place as thus replacing
sentient at the order of an insect if most
truly alive what in place if to be
replaced about an
empty/gusher pushes
against water & hydrocrystalline presence.
What is needed now is a neutrino
but even that is a replacement for
the pure positive force of fission—

the pure positive fission force to
be replaced by what is two in one
and everywhere at once—a
certain pushiness or pushing against
a certain pollution or contamination
in itself the allure or alliance of the
filthy dirty & the allure of the drive to
cover toxic chemical to create dirt
vs. soil, oil vs. air, air vs. emission,
fission force not be two-in-one & everywhere
at once—instead—chart the
spreading—the currents of filthy dirty
& toxic liquid hydrocrystal contaminate
in turn the contamination.

Hydrocrystals contaminate the contamination.

Identify the saggy soft point in a sort
of acupressure, exploit it until it unflowers
to black arc—
as the Taoist turns the wind with hand
a minor inconvenience.

Phenomenon when sound recedes

mere inconvenience
a little trouble.
It began with explosion very distantly
registered and already in doppler stage
then two or so weeks that explosion had echo

& consequence:

A gusher! A well unstoppable—
stop line with unstoppable.
As line continues on and
expands into whirling
not hollow column or
column fluting at crown to
90 degree—a trumpet
of unpredictable helix
a cornucopia bringing unwanted riches

occurs again & again in statis

start over

Metal contraptive thumb upon the
          (soft point of where
          throat joins neck)
pierces & sucks—with its
appliances fully plugged
into seafloor orifice
the tongue disengages—suck motion
stalls & whirls off
& out comes blood—but
oil is not blood—
oil is not made anew, replenished

communication most marginal

Manual/automatic or remote
switch is disengaged or nonexistent.
A sense of endlessness
A lit circle—and

conjunction of arcs and points
water vs. fire
triangulation? (Study photos)
& colors of blue vs. orange.

Count the ships.

With alien
or native probe
nasty sucking into
seafloor orifice



After the disasters of 2010–the Haiti and Chile earthquakes, the Iceland volcano, the Gulf oil spill–it occurs to me that ecopoetics may be becoming a form of elegy. But is there an elegy large enough to encompass grieving for an entire ecosystem? And where, within elegy, is action, is the necessary and coming change?


Marcella Durand’s books include Deep Eco Pré, a collaboration with Tina Darragh published by Little Red Leaves in 2009; Area, published by Belladonna Books in 2008 as part of the Council of Literary Magazines and Small Press’s FACE OUT program, and Traffic & Weather, a site-specific book-length poem written during a residency at the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council in downtown Manhattan (Futurepoem Books, 2008). She has collaborated with artists on various projects, including most recently a collaboration with New Orleans artist Karoline Schleh titled, “Stare: What Wild New World Is This?” (exhibited at Barrister’s Gallery, Fall 2010). Her essays on the intersections of poetry and ecology have appeared in Ecopoetics, NYFA Current, HOW(2), Critiphoria, 26, and other journals.

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