TEMPUS FIDGET by Geoffrey Gatza

Tempus Fidget

Poetry expects poets to do their duty
Ex nihlo nihlo fit

The leaves are attacking
we get terribly excited

butter grows in blocks on butter branches

ninety-nine out of one hundred times we get let down
concentrating extraordinarily hard on a miniature desk

It was a hundred quid human drawing
A series of washes in varied gray
A young constable on a bridge with rope

There is only the color of the paper beneath our words
Right to the skies, the clouds adequately describe water
The intense way artists tend to render fatback
It’s most interesting and translates into money

A generation later
our investments are not good

My grand-daughter is sick and tired of losing
Her antique writings to something like this

Now is the time
a rainbow sheen
to move your trust.

All that is lacking is audacity and opportunity,
wealth to be poured into a very plain silver cup.


This photo is from a recent photopoem essay / graffiti art ‘You drove us from our home for this’, set in the open industrial remains of where our home of 8 years once stood. We were forced out in a very big hurry so as to build yet another strip of cell phone stores and video game shops. My only form of recourse to this frustration was to write something stupid on the architect’s logo board. Frustration is all we are allowed to feel when a company comes in and uproots a family. Aggravation and disappointment are overwhelming feelings in me right now. I am so very upset by this gulf spill. It seems the only ones who are highly moved are the only ones who can do nothing but use words to prompt those who can do something into greater action than they are currently doing.


Geoffrey Gatza is the editor and Publisher of BlazeVOX [books]
and the author of eight books of poetry; Secrets of my Prison House will be out in the Fall of 2010. Kenmore: Poem Unlimited and Not So Fast Robespierre are now available from Menendez Publishing. HouseCat Kung Fu: Strange Poems for Wild Children is also available from Meritage Press. He lives in Buffalo, NY with his girlfriend and two cats.

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