A MOODY STREAM by steve dalachinsky

a moody stream

a moody stream to kingdom come
when lantern hung midpoint
liteminate as shadowed/crookedness
laid bare
what weakend is this bas(e)tard wilderness
here the walk much stronger than
the stench of sunset
much longer than averageness
when gas was become a needed source
&energy left in the hands of power
horse squid full ink
cannot stop a variation on whatnotness
shrimp fowl turtle
witnesses mired everywhere
on their featured sides
or turned upward backed

when lanterns hung midway between
their very flames & the depth of muck
was crisscrossed a thick rust brown
a hardy mix
to satisfy the saavy of suave business cults
when popular science & black magic merge
& earth spews forth its blood
once contained
not really meant to keep our flesh alive
but to cause the bones / the core of providence
so that the great provider / can sustain all sentience
with what comes naturally
thru planet’s own unique filtration system

defribulator’s tribulation
oxygen tanks
& why we so eager to sustain ourselves
by such unnatural processes
tho wildly punctuated fallen birds
& veins of crawfish sucking up the topheavy
which buries the heart of waves

even surfers in a riptide going under

goddamned mode of intransigiance animated burden
the plug come thru the lanquid oil
they come with mud & stone golf ball tire
& greed
they come with anti-hope & blameless blame
as you dear sea
become unstoppable wound
a gushing well

amongst a current of floating debris
2 geese
shimmering on the water


Photo credit: Marilyn Kaagen

steve dalachinsky was born after the last Big War & has managed tosurvive lots of little wars. His poems have appeared extensively in journals on & off line including, Big Bridge, Milk, Unlikely Stories, Xpressed, Evergreen Review, Long Shot, Alpha Beat Soup, Xtant, Blue Beat Jacket, Unbearable Assemblage Magazines, NY Arts Magazine, 88, Lost and Found Times, plus such anthologies as Beat Indeed, The Haiku Moment and the esteemed Outlaw Bible of American Poetry.

He has written liner notes for the CDs of many artists including Anthony Braxton, James “Blood” Ulmer, Rashied Ali, Roy Campbell, Matthew Shipp, Roscoe Mitchell & many others.

His 1999 CD, Incomplete Direction (Knitting Factory Records), a collection of his poetry read in collaboration with various musicians, such as William Parker, Matthew Shipp, Daniel Carter, Sabir Mateen, Susie
Ibarra, Thurston Moore (SonicYouth), Vernon Reid (Living Colour) has garnered much praise. His most recent chapbooks include Trial and Error in Paris ( Loudmouth Collective – 2003), Lautreamont’s Laments (Furniture Press – 2005), In Glorious Black and White (Ugly Duckling Presse – 2005), St. Lucie ( King of Mice Press – 2005 ) Are We Not MEN & Fake Book (2 books of collage – 8 Page Press – 2005). Dream Book (Avantcular Press – 2005). His books include A Superintendent’s Eyes (Hozomeen Press, 2000) and The Final Nite (complete notes from a Charles Gayle Notebook – Ugly Duckling Presse – 2005).

His latest cd is Phenomena of Interference, a collaboration with pianist Matthew Shipp (Hopscotch Records, 2005.) He has read his work extensively in the N.Y. area and throughout the U.S. and Europe particularly in Germany and France.

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