FOU5 POEMS by James Wagner


Mr. Garlic?, a dumb funnel, man your tan.

Smug solo cloud over anthropomorphic

The ocean knows you




: closure as value :
to a so-sigh-ity : of others :

of boxing up, leaking
psychiatry : for more

money : the loss must
roll over, XML,

pale fire, of retardation:
sequences in: holes

better in weather of
no weather :


RE 67

“field of inscription” –Bracha Ettinger (in the matrixial) (Graduate School, 2007, Youtube)

“to show the co-“


RE 85

with Julian Brolaski

Too much of wind, comrade, and naught of water
makes haste of Himmel’s cheap dalliances.

Like the moon controls the night, or tries,
but the black is hiddenly drifting.



James Wagner is the author of Geisttraum (Esther Press, 2010), Work Book (Nothing Moments, 2007), Trilce (Calamari Press, 2006), and the false sun recordings (3rd bed, 2003).  Other pieces from RE have appeared, or will appear, in Abraham Lincoln, Fence, SPD Today, Spring Formal, Tits–a 24-hour journal of poetry and poetics, West Wind Review, and Zoland Poetry.

2 thoughts on “FOU5 POEMS by James Wagner

  1. I read your “Hope is Not an Individual issue” in the San Antonio Express News last year, maybe the year before, loving it and even keeping a print of it. I meet my friends around the “round table” aka: local hole in the wall for an hour or so and the day is just better afterwards.

    I just ran across a copy of this poem and thought the author should be told how profound the verbiage was to me. Made my day, AGAIN, Love it!

    Can’t wait to have time to browse your website!

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