birds and words
we think to sync:
cheater cheater
till all else stops
words to stop a stillness
people on the morning bus
chatter in rounds
to stop a still
rolling injustice
cheaters cheaters
always the other
push to get a point across
pulls the next
wave of emptiness
out of the box
a little bird said
and watch the way
awareness lights
a message repeats
while the old old world
so far before
people get off
this thing
to stop a still
beating wing

–Bill Marsh



The lies flow from the same murky depths. We can listen for those, and not just listen but turn the rhetoric back around. Words can bring a new grammar (“woven scratches”) while unclogging the lie channels. But we have to “feel it all the way through,” as Snyder says. Tinkering is one thing. Rolling out the next thought wave, another.


Bill Marsh lives in Queens, NY.  

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